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#UEC2021 Boot Camp: Digital Economy and Social Media Marketing

Oh woow, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon and #TGIF!

As the saying goes, “everything that has a beginning, will certainly end someday”, we are glad to announce that the power-packed and impact-making UEC 2021 Boot Camp shall end tomorrow, Saturday, November 06, 2021 to give way for the next activity, which is the 1st Preliminary Pitching Competition.

From all the feedback shared by the participants on social media, you will agree with us that they have been empowered by the rich content delivered to them by our highly experienced facilitators and Resource Persons.

The concluding session on “Digital Economy and Social Media Marketing” shall be facilitated by Amb. Onyekwere Godwin Nwachukwuneke tomorrow, November 06, 2021.

Amb. Godwin is a #SocialEntrepreneur, #Catalyst, #SolutionAdvocate and #ICTProfessional with over a decade of experience.

As a Computer Scientist who is creative and passionate about effecting lasting changes through revolutionary innovations, he is the founder of MogRex Limited, a fast-growing ICT Services Provider in Abuja.

He was the first Television Governor for Imo State in the “Labour Room Reality TV Show”, where he bagged a number of Ambassadorial titles.

He teaches young entrepreneurs how to leverage the #internet to market their products online using the social media.

Therefore, his session on the UEC 2021 Boot Camp tomorrow shall focus on social media marketing strategies and how they can participate actively in the #digitaleconomy using their innovations and SMEs.

This edition of the Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge is powered Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa with support from Abuja Enterprise Agency; InnoPower LLC (InnoPower Indy) USA; NazranRoth UK; MEEK Ventures; leadershipLaire UK; African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF); Equanet – SMART DIGITAL COMMUNITIES, etc

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