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#UEC2021 Boot Camp: Introduction to MEEK Platform

Hello good afternoon, everyone and how are you people doing today?

It has been a season of marathon learning and brainstorming sessions on the UEC 2021 since it resumed on the 24th of October, 2021.

We are glad that the objectives we set out for the Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge is being achieved annually through the Ugwumba Enterprise Academy (aka Boot Camp). Many thanks to our wonderful facilitators and ever-ready-to-learn participants, who appreciate the quality of content being delivered to them.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to announce that there shall be a special feature on the Boot Camp tomorrow, November 5, 2021.

Ricky Laub-turner, Co-founder and Global Sales Director of MEEK shall be our special guest on the Boot Camp, to introduce the participants to the Meek platform which is designed to inspire students, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors to conceive, build, develop, launch and scale start-ups by empowering them to share their knowledge, experience, networks and ethics.

The platform connects start-ups and businesses in one ecosystem providing them with all the education, connection, communication, services and partners to develop, build and scale their businesses.

Ricky is a UK based award-winning innovational thinker whose focus is on supporting individuals all over the world, to have a more prosperous future through connectivity and opportunity.

He shall be having a special session with our UEC 2021 cohorts on Friday, November 5, 2021 and we look forward to an amazing session.

The Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge is powered Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa with support from Abuja Enterprise AgencyInnoPower LLC (InnoPower Indy) USA; NazranRoth UK; MEEK Ventures; leadershipLaire UK; African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF)Equanet – SMART DIGITAL COMMUNITIES, etc.


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