Our scope is Africa…

The Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa is a non-political, non-discriminatory, non-profit impact investment organization established in Nigeria in 2019 for the purposes of raising young leaders and entrepreneurs for the African continent.

We envision an African continent whose democracies and economies are driven by young people and women, who are building peaceful democratic systems and successful business empires.  

Core Values

Everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve their full potentials…

100% non-partisan

Our programs and activities are open to young people and women from all backgrounds and political affiliations.

100% non-profit

We are driven by a strong desire to make a difference. So far, our programs are funded by our Board of Trustees.

100% non-discriminatory

We do not discriminate against anyone based on their gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, social status, etc.

100% Transparent

We run a system that is open, transparent and accountable to our Board of Trustees, partners and the general public

Our Mission

The Ugwumba Leadership Center was established to equip young people and women from Africa with the leadership and enterprise development skills they need to compete favourably with their peers at the global stage.

We are driven by passion…

We see our investments in the lives of young people across the continent as our own contributions to the global poverty reduction and economic development policies in Africa.

The success stories we hear from past Ugwumba Fellows keep us doing more because that is the only way to express our love for our people.

Board of Trustees

Our board is made up of professionals, development experts and technocrats who share in our mission and objectives of raising a new generation of young leaders and business Chief Executives for the African continent.

HRM Othman B. Usman (Chairman)

Ugwumba Uche Nwosu (President)
Uloma Rochas Nwosu (Vice President)

Remy Chukwunyere (Executive Director)
Bar. Nnakire Uzoho (Member)
Chief Chinedu Ukadike (Member)

Visit us

21 Oke Agbe Street, Garki 2,
Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Call us

Call us now at +234 803 870 2075 or
+234 817 851 3800