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An inspiring conversation with CEO, InnoPower Indy USA, Emil Ekiyor

Today, on #TheLeadershipShow, we were privileged to feature Emil Ekiyor, CEO of Innopower USA in a robust discussion on harnessing global opportunities for Africa’s development with a major focus on Nigeria. There were so many lessons and takeaways for all the Nigerian entrepreneurs, who joined us live during the conversation.

According to Emil, “Nigerians are barrier breakers. We see problems and we solve them and for every problem solved, value is being created.”

When asked about what keeps motivating him for the various impact investment programs he keeps bringing to Africa, Emil said…

“I enjoy investing in people, that’s what keeps motivating me. I do this because, when you invest in people, the “Return On Investments” is in ten folds. With young people making up 60% of the Nigerian population, the country is well positioned to lead the world if only we invest in our youths. At InnoPower, we do our best to make young people feel like the world is theirs by motivating, inspiring and giving them the confidence to keep pushing until they succeed.”

About the 2020 Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge; he said..

“I was highly impressed with those business pitches from the participants, which I watched over and over again. I must say, these young entrepreneurs have clear understanding of the needs of the Nigerian society. I saw how much they are committed in their products and services. Commitment and empathy are things that no one teaches another. I saw those clearly in their pitches and that is very remarkable. I commend the Ugwumba Leadership Center so much because, what they are doing for these youths in Nigeria is giving them opportunity to see more opportunities and that is the biggest thing any organization can do for their people.”

About the $250,000 Ugwumba Startups Development Program, he said…

“We designed the program in order to further build the social characters of the Ugwumba Fellows, equip them with more business development skills, get them Certifications from the US, and enable some of them access investments from our investors here in the US.

On what should be the role of the Government in the whole process of supporting budding entrepreneurs, he said…

“The major role of the Nigerian Government should be to create enabling environments that will support the growth of these innovations and businesses. If you give an entrepreneur loan and allow him to operate without regular power supply, bad roads, etc, how can he succeed and sustain the business? So, the conversation for policy makers in Nigeria should be how to provide constant power supply, build roads and maintain other infrastructures. If all these are put in place, I bet you, Nigerians will take over the world.”

Oh woow, you missed a lot if you could not join us live but not to worry, the click on the video above to watch and enjoy yourself…

Remember, “The Leadership Show” which is powered by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa comes to you every Wednesday by 12 noon WAT.

See you next week…

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