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Would you like to turn your passion into a business?

Ladies and gentlemen, we appreciate you all for always being part of #TheLeadershipShow proudly brought to you by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa.

Next week on the Show, we shall focus our discussion on how you can turn your passion into a profitable business venture.

Passion is a strong desire for someone to do what he or she likes or enjoys doing. So, can you imagine when what you are passionate about becomes your business or vocation? That means, you get paid to do what you love doing… Woow!

Most people we celebrate today around the globe turned their passions into business ventures and have become very successful. In fact, most of them are in the list of the richest people in the world.

Therefore, to critically give us an expose’ on this important life issue, we have invited Anita Erskine, a popular TV host, actress and media professional all the way from Ghana.

Anita is a global WASH Ambassador for WaterAid. She is the 2021 host of the Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative, Jack Ma Foundation‘s flagship philanthropic entrepreneurship program for Africa.

She is also an ardent advocate for the SDGs; Girl child education and Women in leadership. Her career in broadcast journalism began in 1998 as a lifestyle TV presenter. Over the years, she has worked in the telecommunications; food processing; non-governmental, government and Diplomatic Mission fields.

As one of the top 100 Most Influential Women in Ghana and as one of the top 100 Most Inspirational Women in Africa, Anita Erskine strongly believes that building a business around your passion enables you get to the peak of your career at the shortest possible time.

So, get ready as we engage her on a fireside chat next week Wednesday, September 1, 2021 by 12 noon WAT.

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See you all on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 for this important conversation.

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