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Win up to $800K in the Hangzhou Innovation Challenge

Hey guys, how is your weekend going? We invite you to join the Hangzhou Innovation Challenge if you are building smart industries, high-tech innovations, strategic emerging industries, and revitalization of traditional sectors.

The mission of the Challenge is to invigorate the innovation ecosystem, spark creative dynamism, foster investments in groundbreaking ideas, and extend a warm invitation to talented individuals and teams worldwide to embark on an entrepreneurial journey in Hangzhou, China, the city of innovation!

This challenge is highly recommended for startups in the following sectors: #Automotive, #Bioengineering, #Electronics, #GreenTechnology, #InnovativeHardware, #SaaS, #SmartSystems, #SustainableCities and Living, #VR, #Enterprise#FinancialManagement, #FinTech, #Household appliances, #SoftwareTechnology, #Wearables, #Intelligent manufacturing, #SmartCars, #AI, #Blockchain, #Medicalcare, #eHealth, #Gaming, #SupplyChain, #LifeSciences, #Internet+, #Cloud, #DigitalHealth, #Robotics, #Healthcare and #GreenEnergy


Participating startups stand the chances of winning fantastic cash prizes and other benefits as follows:


a) First Prize (200,000 RMB),

b) FOUR Second Prizes (100,000 RMB),

c) SEVEN Third Prizes (50,000 RMB), and

d) Several Winning Prizes (20,000 RMB).


a) Venture Capitals: Major VC companies in Hangzhou will be invited for projects financing meetings.

b) Business Networking: there shall be networking sessions for the Competition’s special support units, local VC companies, noted enterprises and industrial parks to meet with project owners, making it a platform to secure the connection between overseas projects and local investors, and provide all necessary services to help them start and grow in Hangzhou.

c) Startup Mentors: Eminent VC investors or experts, both in China and from around the world as startup mentors providing guidance, venture capital and other resources for projects to take the first step and grow fast.

d) Sponsorships: The successful startups shall register their businesses and start operations of their companies in Hangzhou within one year after the competition will be rewarded as follows:

i) The First Prize: RMB¥5,000,000

ii) The Second Prize: RMB¥3,000,000

iii) The Third Prize: RMB¥2,000,000

iv) Startups entering the Finals: RMB¥1,000,000

v) Startups entering the Semi-Finals: RMB¥200,000

Hey guys, if you are interested, quickly visit to read more and start your application NOW!

Congratulations in advance!!

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