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“We bring out the best in Nigerian youths” – Remy Chukwunyere

The Executive Director of the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa, Remy Chukwunyere has announced that his Center brings out the best in Nigerian youths through their carefully designed leadership and enterprise development programs.

Mr. Remy made this known while giving an overview of the Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge during the grand finale of the 2021 edition in Abuja, recently.

According to him, the center supports young people and women create jobs for themselves by helping them transform their innovative ideas, talents, skills and passions into business ventures and social enterprises, thereby reducing the unemployment crisis in Nigeria.

He further said “most young people do not know that they are endowed with powerful ideas and skills. They usually abandon them and go about looking for paid jobs, which do not exist anywhere, anymore. Through our enterprise challenge events, we assist them look inwards to identify what skills and ideas they have that we can help transform into profitable business ventures, so that they can be gainfully employed and become employers of labour.”  

According to him, the above was the purpose for which the center was founded by Ugwumba Uche Nwosu in 2018 with a mandate to raise a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs for Africa. Over 5,000 young people in Nigeria have already benefited from the Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge since inception in 2018 and this year, additional 500 Nigerians have been empowered in this edition.

He informed that the “overall vision is for Africa” but that the Covid pandemic is the only reason why the Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge is still restricted to Nigerians, only.

Hear him: “the enterprise challenge is a well-developed program that changes the lives of young people. The intensive training which we offer the participants during the Boot Camp alone is worth millions of naira as we engage well experienced facilitators and resource persons from across the world to deliver contents on practical business development concepts. The experience empowers the participants and prepares them to excel in their chosen careers, businesses and personal lives, generally.”

Continuing, he said “this year, we decided to include older women in the enterprise challenge by extending the age limit to 45, to be able to accommodate business women above 30 years, as was the case in the previous editions. This is because of the critical roles women play in the development of the economy and in the society, as it is said that when you empower a woman, you have empowered a community and the society.”

Mr. Remy Chukwunyere concluded by congratulating the top 10 finalists for scaling through the UEC 2021 journey, as it is a thorough and tough program that is designed to specifically raise those that are ready to succeed in their businesses and in life.

The UEC 2021 was powered by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership in Africa with support from: Abuja Enterprise Agency; InnoPower Indy USA; NazranRoth UK; Meek Ventures; LeadershipLaire UK; African Youth Development Foundation; Equanet, etc.

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