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#USDP2021: Dr. Joe Albano, one of the facilitators

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to reveal one of the business development professionals that will facilitate the Ugwumba Startups Development Program powered by Innopwer Indy USA.

We present to you, Dr. Joe Albano, the CEO of Logika International, USA. He is the Facilitator of The Indy Startup Challenge, which is a 10-week startup Boot Camp designed to guide potential founders and their teams through the process of building and validating a sustainable business model based on their idea.

Dr. Albano works with business leaders to enable them start and grow sustainable businesses; establish and manage fulfilling careers; and optimize their physical and emotional health.

Using Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas and the principles found in Steve Blanks “Lean Launchpad”, popularized by Eric Reis’ Lean Startup book, participants in the Indy Startup Challenge are provided with the tools, mentoring and other valuable business resources in order to build a sustainable and validated business model.

On Thursday, April 22, 2021, Dr. Joe Albano shall be facilitating an interactive session on “The Startups Ecosystem”, which will expose the participants to the following issues:

a) What is a startup, and how is it different from a company?

b) What is the goal of YOUR startup?

c) Putting your team together

d) Introduction to entrepreneurial experiments – replacing guesses with data

These models and more are what the young entrepreneurs and innovators in Nigeria participating in the $250,000 Ugwumba Startups Development Program shall be exposed to for these 4 weeks.

We appreciate Emil Ekiyor and his team at InnoPower USA for this partnership that is designed to reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria and contribute to an increase in its GDP.


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