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#UgwumbaStartups: A brief about Pheonix Jackson

Oh wooow, how time flies!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are excited to announce to you that the training sessions designed for the 2021 Ugwumba Startups Development Program powered by Innopower Indy USA is coming to an end tomorrow with an interesting workshop on “Marketing, Branding and Social Media Best Practices” to be facilitated by Phoenix Jackson.

The facilitator, Phoenix Jackson is an award-winning social entrepreneur, communications strategist, tech investor, author, and speaker. Her calling has been to empower women and men alike, concerning their abilities to influence and impact others through #entrepreneurship.

Phoenix is the Partner and Chief Communications Officer of two financial tech firms that are changing the landscape of home ownership and credit worthiness for the American people. Rental Kharma and Achroma were created to level the playing field in bridging the wealth gap in America.

RK reports your rental history on your credit report while Achroma is the first ever anti-discrimination online mortgage marketplace, blind lending, circumventing all algorithms and systems that cause discrimination in the home buying process.

She is also the Founder of Phoenix Affect, a 16-year-old global public relations and marketing firm. She has worked with many small business owners, non-profits, professional athletes, entertainers, authors, speakers, politicians and more, helping them to manifest their desired outcomes within business.

More about Phoenix and her businesses are available at and

Therefore, on Thursday, May 27, 2021, Phoenix Jackson would be facilitating a workshop on the theme: “Marketing, Branding, and Social Media Best Practices”, which is aimed at exposing the #UgwumbaFellows and #UgwumbaWomen how to make their businesses stand out from among their competitors.

What to Expect:

Branding – how to make your company stand out, carving out your niche and the power of color and words.

In this discussion, she is going to discuss color psychology and what colors and styles influence #buyers and #consumers. She and her students will also explore what symbols are great for what industry. They will discuss brand trends and look at what is on the forefront of branding and design for businesses.

Social Media – leveraging what is available: Engage, Entertain, Educate and Sale. Here, she will be teaching about the 4 pillars of social media, engagement, entertainment, education, and selling. She will talk about the audience and what they prefer to engage with on #Twitter, #LinkedIn, #Facebook, #Instagram and #TikTok. She will discuss how business owners can win followers with little to no advertisements. She will dive into hashtags, engagements, and interacting with potential followers and influencers.

Web Development – Top 8 needs for a successful business website. Websites are so important. They are the “face” of any business or organization. She will discuss the top 8 needs for a website to be successful. She will dive into user experiences and the basics that are needed so that your audience will purchase from you online or so that they will be engaged enough to stay on the website and explore how they can work with you further.

These and more shall be the focus of the final session on the Ugwumba Startups Development Program with the over 100 Nigerian beneficiaries.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are eternally grateful to our partner, InnoPower Indy USA for this partnership that is raising entrepreneurs for Africa. We promise to keep you posted on the next steps forward after the training program which comes to an end tomorrow, Thursday, May 27, 2021.

To all young people in Africa, your entrepreneurship journey begins at the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa! More information about us is available at

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