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Ugwumba Leadership Center grateful to Butler University, USA

Another milestone was achieved yesterday by the Ugwumba Leadership Center as the MBA Entrepreneurship Class of the Butler University, USA concluded its study on The Upcycle Architect – TUPA, the social enterprise that won the 2020 Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge star prize in Abuja.

Speaking at the concluding ceremony, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, the President of the Center expressed his profound gratitude to Prof. Stephanie Fernhaber, a Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Butler University, who coordinated the study on The Upcycle Architect (TUPA) and other selected social enterprises around the world.

According to him, “the selection of the startup founded by Bilkisu Garba for study by MBA students of an international university in the US is a validation of the impacts our project, the Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge is making across the country. We are glad that this study has sent a strong message to all the foreigners who are part of this course that Nigerian youths are creative and intelligent as against the global perception of Nigerians as fraudsters.”

He concluded by stating that “at the Ugwumba Leadership Center, we are raising and supporting thousands of Nigerian youths, who have innovative startups that can solve the problems of the Nigerian society and beyond. They only need support from the Government and other stakeholders for their ideas to become the next big things to be celebrated around the world”.

For Bilkisu Garba, the global exposure given to her and her project by the Ugwumba Leadership Center has been amazing since she won the overall prize at the 2020 Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge in Abuja. She thanked the students at the University for the time and resources they committed in studying her business model and for all their recommendations.

Also at the ceremony were Emil Ekiyor, the CEO of InnoPower USA and his team, who facilitated this partnership between the Center and the University and Remy Chukwunyere, the Executive Director of the Ugwumba Leadership Center.

We took some photographs for you… click on the gallery, above!

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