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#UEC2020: Listen to Mercy, Fwangkat and Adeleye share their stories

This afternoon on the Feedback Series, we had highly educative and interactive conversations with Mercy Eneh, CEO of The Female Media Network; Fwangkat Daburak, CEO of YEN Express and Adeleye Olufemi, CEO of Prodigy School Solutions on the show.

They used the opportunity to share their experiences during the 2020 Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge and how the impact has changed their orientations and improved their startups.

Eneh Mercy, CEO, The Female Media Network said…

“I saw it coming… I knew that a lady was going to win the 2020 Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge from the begining when I saw the business pitch from Bilkisu Garba. She worked so hard to win the overall prize. Initially, I felt, it was either she wins or I win. She actually challenged me and my team, even though, we did not win the top prize. We are happy that we won the “Hon. Minister’s Prize” for the 6th position.”

Fwangkat Daburak, CEO, YEN Express said…

“Initially, I thought the competition was going to be a tribal thing, judging by the name of the organization but having participated in the challenge, I have realized that the organization is non-tribal, non-religious, non-discriminatory, etc. For us in the northern part of the country, we do not usually get involved in competitions like that because, we are not used to online media and do not have such information available to majority of youths in the north. Bilkisu Garba, coming from the North and for wining the competition has sent a loud message to those of us in the North, especially the Muslims among us.”

Adeleye Olufemi, CEO, Prodigy School Solutions said…

 “To be honest, I met a whole lot of young entrepreneurs that are doing well across the country. At first, when I saw the call for applications on Linkedin, I thought it was going to be an Igbo thing, so I was discouraged somehow, since I am of the Yoruba tribe. Interestingly, everything turned out to be free and fair. It was an amazing opportunity for me and my team.”

Ladies and gentlemen, if you missed the conversation this afternoon, you better click on the video above to watch and learn from the discussants today.

The #UgwumbaEnterpriseChallenge is our own contribution to the job creation and economic development policies of the Nigerian government and those of other African nations.


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