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The shocking revelations about substance abuse in Nigeria

The fireside chat on #TheLeadershipShow with Samuel Babatunde Obafemi this afternoon came with several shocking revelations about the extent and dynamics of substance abuse in the society.

According to Sam, the abusers have become so creative now that they can mix anything together to satisfy their urge for the so-called “feel good or feel high” experience. Can you imagine any child storing urine in bottles under his bed, for the purposes of allowing the urine to ferment and ready for sniffing few days after? Can you imagine anyone opening up soak-away pits in order to inhale the substances coming out of it? Can you imagine someone mixing lizard “poo-poo” with other substances to drink? What about those that burn filaments from energy bulbs and inhale the dangerous chemicals made of mercury?

The dimensions of abuse are getting out of hand and everyone needs to be careful where they go and where their children go, for parties or for play.

Sam said that some of the major consequences of substance abuse in the society include: high death tolls; surge in suicide cases; self frustration; increase in psychopathic rates which manifest in high robbery cases, banditry and domestic violence and agitations among youths.

He pointed out family background as a major factor that predisposes adolescents to substance abuse, instead of peer pressure. For him, when parents indulge in substance abuse in their homes, in front of their kids, what do you expect from their kids? Like sex education, he advised parents to understand these dynamics and open up discussions with their children unless they are not interested in their future.

Ladies and gentlemen, there were so many lessons and takeaways from the conversation which ended with a passionate call for young people to love themselves enough, not to destroy their future.

If you missed it, do not worry, it’s just a click away… See the video above!

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