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The Role of Education in Women Empowerment

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another exciting week of great happenings by the grace of God.

This week on The Leadership Show, we are going all the way to India, to bring you a young lady, who is gradually changing the world of girls and women around the world. Her name is Mavayna Manav, the Executive Director of Synergy Global Health Foundation, USA and the Chairperson of the Youth wing of the National Human Rights and Humanitarian Federation in the State of Delhi.

She is a highly motivated young humanitarian who has decided to dedicate her life to empower women. As a result of her commitment, she has won several Prestigious Awards for her role in promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Some of the international recognitions and awards include:

Ambassador, UN WIFO; Global Advisory Board Member, Model Peace Forum; Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA); Global Peace Ambassador, “My Body is My Body” USA; Child Ambassador “THAC” Finland; Global Ambassador, International Human Rights Commission; Ambassador for Asia Pacific International Model United Nation; Peace Ambassador New World Life Organization, Sri Lanka; Global Ambassador, African Youth Development Foundation; Ambassador SPMUDA Philippines; Member International Commission for Peace, Human Rights and Freedoms Indonesia; etc.

She has an Honorary Doctorate Award in Diplomacy, Humanity and Human Rights at the Institute of the Europe-Roman Studies and Research, The Republic of Serbia.

Mavayna has taken up many causes which are aimed at improving the lives of women and children but her major focus is to pass the torch of self-awareness and self-love through promoting discussions on female health and menstrual hygiene. For encouraging women to freely talk about menstrual hygiene, she was appointed the Menstrual Hygiene Management Ambassador for the Gramalaya and Carevanta Foundation.

Our guest is currently a student at the Delhi University, where she developed a project called “PADYATRA”, which is designed to be the world’s first and longest walk aimed at putting talks about menstrual hygiene at the mainstream among women and girls.

Mavayna wishes that youths around the world would join forces with her in breaking the taboo associated with freely talking about women’s menstrual periods and female hygiene. During the #Covid19 lockdown, Mavayna became a Corona Warrior by sponsoring a project that distributed sanitary pads to about 15,000 women in the rural areas of India. She visited families in several slums, where no one ever thought of visiting due to Covid pandemic.

She fought misogyny, stereotypes, and cognitive dissonance to get where she is today. She is a typical example of a young lady that struggled in life to get where she is today. No wonder, she had this to say about her life… “My life is the meaning of, when life throws lemons at you, better make some lemonades with them!”

This year, the Republic of Women has nominated Mavayna Manav for recognition as one of their #WomenHeroes and #100Women for this year’s celebration of the International Women’s Day.

Therefore, in preparation for the #IWD2021, we have invited her to speak on the theme: The Role of Education in Women Empowerment.

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