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Nigeria: Still Together @60!

The Board and Management of the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa wish to celebrate Nigerians on the occasion of the 60th Independence Anniversary of our dear fatherland.

On this day in 1960, a new country was born. A journey began on a road that we never walked before. The future looked very bright with lots of promises. With patriotism and pragmatism, our founding fathers charted a new course for the greatness of our country, Nigeria.

However, today, the opinions of many Nigerians seem to be on the contrary as the dreams and expectations of those great men are yet to be fulfilled. Not only have people despaired about the slow pace of our national development, some have in fact given up on the country.

Most people believe that if the Colonial Masters had stayed longer, Nigeria may have been better for it. Admittedly, these opinions are borne out of anger and somewhat justifiable feelings of frustration.

However, despite the serious challenges that we face, we can boldly declare that at 60 years, we have reasons to celebrate our nationhood and more reasons to look forward to a brighter future. For all of us, Nigeria @60 Celebration should be a time for us to pause and appreciate who we are, what we have and to reflect on the encouraging possibilities ahead. There are certainly so much to celebrate about ourselves: our freedom, our strength, our unity and our resilience, despite our various ethnic, religious and political affiliations.

What is urgently needed now is to change the global narratives and the bad image of our country outside the shores of the land. Our image stinks in foreign lands and something urgent needs to be done about it.

That was why at the #UgwumbaLeadershipCenter, we launched the #RebrandNigeriaCampaign in 2019, to showcase and celebrate our rich cultural heritage, resilience and hardworking spirits of Nigerians around the world.

As we celebrate our 60th Independence Anniversary today, let us learn how to #ThinkNigeriaFirst and begin to say #GodBlessNigeria always.May we use this opportunity to celebrate one of our #UgwumbaFellows,

Miss Ezinne Nwakuba for crafting for us the “Nigeria@60” slogan… Diverse Faces: One Heartbeat!From all of us at the Ugwumba Leadership Center, we say…

Happy Independence, Nigerians!

#LongLiveNigeria, #NigeriaMustBeBetter, #NigeriaIndependence, #Nigeriaat60, #DiamondCelebration

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