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MEEK Ventures UK partners Ugwumba Leadership Center

We are glad to announce a new partnership with MEEK (My Entrepreneurial Education Kickstart), an upcoming app and platform dedicated to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

As an impact investment and leadership development center with a mandate to raise young entrepreneurs for Africa, this partnership is very apt considering the immense opportunities the MEEK app will provide for our youths and women, who are growing enterprises in different sectors of the economy.

According to the Founder and CEO of MEEK, Xan Varmuza, “we are extremely proud to announce our partnership with the Ugwumba Leadership Center. Our goal at MEEK is to connect student entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs with mentors, investors, and service providers that provide them with the knowledge and tools needed to conceive, build, launch and scale their startups, successfully. Therefore, this business partnership with Ugwumba Leadership Center will help young entrepreneurs from Africa succeed in bringing their ideas from concept through to real world scalable solutions.”

Speaking during the partnership meeting, the Executive Director of the Ugwumba Leadership Center, Mr. Remy Chukwunyere thanked the team at MEEK for their interest to partner with the center and commended them for the app, which is going to be a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, innovators, students, investors, service providers, etc from around the world.

According to Mr. Chukwunyere, “as at today, there is no platform like the MEEK app, which provides opportunities for service providers, investors, entrepreneurs, etc to connect, learn and do business at the same time. Therefore, partnering with us and our ever increasing network of entrepreneurs across the African continent is the best thing you have done.”

It is believed that through this new partnership, the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa will create more global opportunities for our youths and women entrepreneurs.

To learn more about the MEEK platform and app, please, visit to register your email address for regular updates before the official launch in May, 2021.

At #UgwummbaLeadershipCenter, we bring you both local and global opportunities that will empower you do better in your chosen career or enterprise.


3 thoughts on “MEEK Ventures UK partners Ugwumba Leadership Center”

  1. Excellent work from the Meek team creating this partnership and we are looking forward to together creating the next generation of entrepreneurs and mentors throughout Africa providing everyone with equal opportunities and the best chance of success possible. Xan, Founder of Meek

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