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MEEK App: The GO-TO App for business solutions

Ladies and gentlemen, last week on the show we showcased the Ebi Marketplace, an access to finance platform for women entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

This week, we are going to showcase another platform that provides global business solutions to everyone, in fact! Well, when we say, “everyone”, we are not mistaking because, students, investors, entrepreneurs, services providers, accountants, auditors, social media marketers, etc have their own places on the Meek platform and app.

So, as a pro-active impact investment and leadership center, we have secured a partnership with the founder, Alexander Varmuza and his team to be the first to onboard our young and women entrepreneurs on the platform in Africa.

So, on the show on Wednesday, April 28, 2021, our guests shall be Alex Varmuza, Founder and CEO of Meek Ventures and Wendy Tentis, the Director of Communications of the company.

During the show, the duo will be sharing with us how young leaders can use the platform, especially how they can leverage MEEK and its network to incubate ideas that solve issues impeding the development of Nigeria and the African continent.

Meanwhile, their mission at MEEK is to connect student entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs with mentors, investors, and service providers that will provide them with the knowledge and tools needed to conceive, build, launch and scale their startups successfully. So, are you a student or an entrepreneur (male or female)?

To learn more about the MEEK platform and app, please, register your email address at for regular updates before the official launch.

To join us live in Wednesday, April 28, 2021 by 12 noon, please, subscribe to our channel at or like our page at

Remember, the Leadership Talk Show is brought to you by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa.

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