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#IWD2021: Ugwumba Leadership Center to raise more women leaders in support of the Affirmative Action

Today, the Management of the Ugwumba Leadership Center said it is going to raise more women leaders in Nigeria to enable them participate in politics and leadership positions in line with the Affirmative Action.

Speaking briefly after the power-packed presentations at the ongoing Ugwumba International Women’s Conference, the President of the Ugwumba Leadership Center, Mr. Uche Nwosu announced that the Management would organize physical conferences of this nature in Abuja and in the six geopolitical zones, to enable more Nigerian women benefit from the impact of these Leadership Classes delivered by world class leadership experts.

He said such conferences have become imperative and that the Center shall take it upon itself to raise more women leaders who shall step up for the actualization of the Affirmative Action, which recommended that 35% of both elective and appointive positions be reserved for the women.

The second day of the Ugwumba International Women’s Conference was hot like fire as two fire brand international speakers were featured to engage the participating women on important leadership themes, such as “Adversity Quotient” and “Purpose Discovery”.

While speaking on “The Secret of Adversity Quotient”, Heidi Bishop Maduhu, CEO of LeadershipLaire UK said that the choices we make play major roles in our lives. She said that, no matter the stage you are in life, influence will always come to play. Leadership is influence. The one person responsible for your happiness is YOU. She also advised that before you allow anyone to influence your life, ask him or her these pertinent questions; Do you care about me? Can you help me? Can I trust you?

She also recommended that at the end of every day, one should asses himself or herself by asking these questions: What went right today? What went wrong today? And finally, What can I do differently?

Speaking on the theme, “Woman: What is Your Purpose?”, Ebi Elezianya, Founder, iTeach Africa Initiatives said “becoming a woman or person of influence demands hard work, courage and determination. Talking about how to discover your purpose, mission, vocation, etc, she said, you must ask yourself these questions: What do I love doing? What am I good at? What does the world need? What can I be paid for?

According to her, “When you combine what you love doing with what the world needs, you find your purpose and mission in life… Combining what you are good at and what you can be paid for, you discover your value”. She said that “Value is a form of currency. When you have value to add to someone, it will produce wealth for you.”

She also said that “to be a woman or person of influence, you must do the following: Make it a mission to serve; Pay attention to things around you; Listen to your inner voice; Ask questions and meditate everyday; Listen to feedbacks and keep learning about yourself; Pursue your passion; etc.

Oh woow, it was really hot like fire. So sorry, if you missed the session but not to worry, a comprehensive report shall be released, shortly while we prepare for the physical national women conference as announced by our President this afternoon.

Tomorrow, March 10, 2021 we shall round off the maiden edition of the Ugwumba International Women’s Conference with a fire side chat on #TheLeadershipShow, featuring the Former Vice President of the Bank of America, Prof. Remi Duyile. On the Show, she will be discussing a number of issues bothering on the International Women’s Day celebrations from inception, the success stories, so far and the challenges women are still having around the world.

To join us, simply visit or by 2.00pm WAT.

We appreciate all the Ugwumba Women and Fellows from around the world, who have been very active since Monday, the conference started.



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