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Ikenna Nweke: The Nigerian Role Model for youths

On #TheLeadershipShow today, we featured Mr Ikenna Nweke, the Nigerian Role Model for Youths whose story in Japan is helping in rebranding the image of our country, Nigeria.

Recall that Ikenna Nweke is the young man that picked up a wallet containing a huge sum of money in Japanese YEN and submitted it to the Police in Japan. Surprisingly, the Japanese Policemen did not believe he is a Nigerian because of the global perceptions about us before the incident. If you missed the LIVE interview, you may wish to replay the video below but here are a few excerpts from the conversation with Remy Chukwunyere, our Executive Director and anchor of the show.

About why he returned the money, Ikenna said…

“The cash in Euros in the wallet was huge. The credit card had millions of YEN in it. So, you could see, it was so tempting, especially as I had my school fees to pay as at then but I overcame the temptation because, the money was not mine and I was not train that way. When the story went viral across the shores of Japan, the stereotype on Nigerians began to change as Japanese started believing that not all Nigerians are criminals. Before then, foreigners were advised to be careful dealing with Nigerians and their businesses”

About role models, Ikenna said…

“Who your role model is determines how far you will go in life. Unfortunately, those who have become successful in our society tend to disconnect from the common people, especially the youths. That’s the major reason why our youths tend to celebrate yahoo yahoo boys and others, since no one is there to guide them. The society we live in today celebrate wealth without work and this encourages youths to go in pursuit of wealth, no matter the source.”

About the INFO Club International, Ikenna said…

“I founded the club as a platform to enable me raise honest and integrity conscious youths across the country. We have chapters in about 10 States of the Federation and we hope to cover the 36 States plus the FCT soon. We have Ambassadors that visit the school chapters in States where we currently operate, like Anambra, Enugu, Plateau, Ekiti, Kaduna, Benue, etc. This year, we are planning a number of programs that will reach over 5,000 secondary schools in Nigeria.”

Oh woow, the conversation was highly engaging, inspiring and educative… just do yourself a favor by clicking on the video below to watch.


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