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Emotional Intelligence with Dr. Alisa Whyte

Hey guys, good morning and welcome to another important week in the ongoing African Students Leadership Academy powered by the Ugwumba Leadership Center.

This week, H.E Dr Alisa Whyte, the #1 Mindset Disrupter in America shall be our special guest and mentor in the Academy on Thursday, June 20, 2024 by 4pm WAT.

Our guest is the Founder and CEO of Fulfillment Empowerment Network, USA whose mission is to challenge conventional thinking, break free from self-limiting beliefs, and inspire individuals to transform their lives.

She is an international bestselling author certified by the John Maxwell Team and has spoken on stages, where she has made impacts in the lives and businesses of global leaders, both in the USA and around the globe.

Dr. Alisa is known for her works in “I AM – How to Release the Shame of Narcissistic Abuse and Transform Financial Poverty to Wealth Beyond Numbers.” Her insights on transformational leadership, mindset coaching, self-love, etc are aimed at healing past trauma and to foster emotional and financial well-being.

Her philanthropic gestures and humanitarian efforts extend globally, having made contributions to the development of education in various countries like #Ghana, #Nigeria, #India, #Singapore, #UAE, #Kenya, #Uganda, etc.

Dr. Alisa Whyte, who is also our International Advisor has been honored with several international awards, including Top 50 Nation Builder Award, Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, etc.

It is our pleasure therefore, to invite you to join us for this session on “Emotional Intelligence” with Dr. Alisa Whyte on Thursday, June 20, 2024 by 4pm at

A hangout with the #1 Mindset Disrupter in America would be a great experience!


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