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Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership with Rhoda Harriet Khataba

Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you for always being part of “The Leadership Show”, which is gradually changing the narratives among our youths in Africa.

In the last edition, we discussed substance abuse and its emerging dynamics, which are posing serious public health challenges around the globe. During the highly expository conversation, Samuel Babatunde Obafemi recommended a number of strategies that must be adopted in order to stem the tide of substance abuse in Nigeria and around the world.

As expected, those strategies require sound leadership and managerial skills for them to succeed. Therefore, to advance the conversation, we are bringing you, Ms. Rhoda Harriet Khataba, an emotional intelligence expert, next week Wednesday, April 07, 2021 by 12 noon WAT to speak on how leaders at all levels can apply emotional intelligence to be able to succeed in their leadership positions.

Our guest, Ms. Rhoda Harriet Khataba is a keynote speaker, author, talk show host, editor, producer, philanthropist, and influencer. She is the Founder and CEO of Her Story Matters London, UK, where she has dedicated more than ten years to the advocacy on social psychology. She is devoting her life to mentoring other female leaders in order to support the actualization of gender equality around the world.

Harriet was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya before she left for London to continue her education and career. With degrees in Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism, she found her future in London, where she gained experience in business and finance, international relations, project management, retail, and entertainment. She then continued her education with training certifications in creativity, management, and social psychology.

Fresh from college Harriet focused her career on corporate business influences, working in banking and retail, but soon realized that her creativity and influence were underdeveloped. She began chasing her passions in fashion design, professional dancing, and writing. It was a career path that became a springboard into the beginning of her devotion into women’s equality.

Harriet’s pursuits landed her a job in television where she blossomed into a public figure as a personality, show host, writer, and producer.

Working at BEN-TV, she quickly found her voice while reporting on women’s equality and the subject of racism, two causes that are so dear to her heart. By promoting women’s rights and the needs for social injustice, she soon realized that her stories of women deserved a platform. It was then that Ms. Rhoda Harriet Khataba realized that the voices of women in Africa, Great Britain, and from around the world could all benefit from a foundation with the purpose of telling their stories to find purpose, unity, and fellowship.

That was how she founded “Her Story Matters” organization in 2011 in the UK and in the decade to follow, the project was embraced internationally through accolades to her dedication. Ms. Harriet was awarded the Transformation Award by Wisdom for Women International. She is being celebrated for her work as a mentor by the Wise Woman Award for her commitments to women and children. The ERPA Leadership and Entrepreneurial Foundation also recognized her with the Emerging Leader Award for her commitment in uniting women around the world through social media and other technological advancements.

She also serves as Chief Trade Officer of the Pan African Chamber of Commerce; Advisor for the Youth United Council of India and as a board member of the Female Civility Leadership Institute.

Ladies and gentlemen, the conversation with Rhoda Khataba promises to be a great one. Therefore, we invite you to join us live on Wednesday, April 07, 2021 at exactly 12 noon WAT by subscribing to our channel at or just like our page at

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