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Dr Remi Duyile joins us as an Advisor

Ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to announce that the former Vice President of the Bank of America, Dr. Remi Duyile has joined the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa as a member of our International Advisory Council.

It would not have been easy for her but as an amazon, who finds fulfilment in empowering others and helping them recognize their own strengths and abilities, this has become a true story. She said, she joined the team in order to support it achieve its mandate of raising a new generation of educated, talented young leaders and entrepreneurs for Africa.

Interestingly, her greatness did not happen overnight as she was raised up in her small town in Ondo State, Nigeria before she left for the United States. By the grace of God, coupled with hard work, she climbed to the top of the corporate ladder in one of America’s most revered banks, the Bank of America as their Vice President in charge of Retail, Premier, and Mortgage Banking. In this role, she managed over 600 financial portfolios of high net-worth clients for 17 years, until she decided to step into her true calling of helping others as a serial entrepreneur.

Immediately after leaving corporate America, she established various organizations, including Premier Mortgage Solutions (a mortgage company); Image Consulting Group (an International consulting firm); and the Legacy Premier Foundation, a non-profit providing mentorship and financial literacy for women and girls.

As a conference speaker and trainer certified by The John Maxwell Group, Jim Rohn, and Les Brown, Dr. Remi Duyile’s expertise in leadership are sought after around the globe. She has spoken throughout the continents of Africa, Europe, and extensively within North America (Canada and the US), teaching financial literacy, entrepreneurship and leadership development.

Over the years, Dr. Duyile has become a liaison, working with various organizations in order to connect the continent of Africa with the world. In 2016, she published her first book, “Perseverance: Winning Key To Destiny” in the US, which is sold internationally.

On September 23, 2019, Dr. Remi Duyile became the first ever African to be appointed as the Multicultural Commissioner in Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA. Her role in that office among others, is to ensure that the mission of the State’s Multicultural Commission, which “is to support and advance the State Attorney’s commitment to fostering a long-term partnership with community organizations that result in sustainable cultural programming, an environment where diverse communities are recognized, increase understanding and promote multiculturalism in Prince George’s County” is accomplished through her leadership.

Despite her numerous accomplishments in life, Dr. Remi Duyile is a devoted wife, and mother. She credits all of her success stories to God, and the support of her best friend and loving husband of over 28 years.

At the #UgwumbaLeadershipCenter, her acceptance to join us is a validation of the impact our contributions are making across the continent. We are very hopeful that in the coming years, we are going to achieve more with her support and those of her colleagues in the Advisory Council.


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