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An interesting conversation on Effective Communication

Listening to a Communications and PR Management expert like Mrs. Ifeoma Chigbogwu on #TheLeadershipShow this afternoon while discussing the Importance of Effective Communication in Leadership was a priceless opportunity.

According to her, you can only claim you had communicated effectively if your message was received at the other end without any distortion. She recommended that leaders should always adopt the visual communication method, which gives room for empathy, eye contacts and immediate feedback.

Speaking on why Nigerian leaders, including politicians, religious leaders, etc could not stop the rampaging youths during the aftermath of the #EndSARS protests, she said that “hunger is now the opium of the society and not religion any longer because, hunger seems to be more influential than anyother you can think of these days.”

On why there is a high rate of failed marriages in the society, our guest Ifeoma said that it is because, a couple fell in love when their hearts were beating as one but failed to make their heart stay on the same bit for failing to understand their varying love languages..

On sponsors of fake news and hate speeches, she totally condemned such acts saying that one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s Taliban. According to her, hate speeches and fake news are destroying our society…

There are so much more… just click on the video above to watch and learn!

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