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#UEC2021 Boot Camp: Financial Literacy Master Class

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the UEC 2021 Info Box!

Amazing sessions are going on in this year’s Boot Camp, unfortunately, it is a closed platform for only those who are participating in this year’s challenge.

The Master Class on “Ideation and Pitching Techniques” with Peters Lois lasted for over 2 hours because of the rich content and engagement with the participants.

This evening, Mr. Usman I. Usman, a certified business development expert from the Abuja Enterprise Agency shall be facilitating a session on “Feasibility Studies and Market Research”.   

So, tomorrow, Wednesday, November 03, 2021, Amb. DEBORAH AJAI, a Capacity Building Expert and Entrepreneurship Coach with over 20 years of working in various capacities in both local and international NGOs as well as in the private sector shall facilitate the session on “Financial Literacy.”

Deborah Ajai is the Founder and CEO of El-Bethel Global Business School, a business development training school that has successfully trained thousands of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs around the nation.

She is also the Executive Producer and Host of “CEO Connect with Debby TV and Radio Talk show” as well as the author of Bestselling book, the Entrepreneurship Made Essay.

Deborah is a member of the Association of Business Development Practitioners of Nigeria; Mentor Capital Network, USA and WIMBIZ Mentors. 

As a financial management expert, she will be exposing our UEC 2021 cohort to the rudiments of “Financial Literacy” which is a basic necessity for the success of any enterprise.

We wish all the participants in the UEC 2021 cohort an amazing session with Deborah Ajai, tomorrow!


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