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#UEC2021 Boot Camp: 3-day Leadership challenge with Laura Armstrong

Ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to announce that the 2 weeks Ugwumba Enterprise Academy (aka UEC Boot Camp) started yesterday, October 24, 2021 with a 3-day Leadership Challenge with Laura Armstrong, a leadership accelerator and communications expert based in Canada.

As a leadership accelerator, Laura Armstrong helps individuals develop their leadership skills by giving them the right tools and action plans that will enable them reach their full potentials and achieve extraordinary leadership success.

Since yesterday, we have been receiving amazing feedbacks from the over 500 participants from across the 36 states plus the FCT who signed up for the 2021 Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge.We are so excited about the impacts the boot camp is already making in their lives, which shall soon be manifest in the businesses they are growing across the country.

As we have always said to youths and women in Africa, “truly, your entrepreneurship journey begins at the Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge because, our only mandate is to raise a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs for Africa.”

Once again, congratulations to all of the UEC 2021 Cohort!

This edition is powered by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa with the support of Abuja Enterprise Agency; NazranRoth UK, InnoPower USA, leadershipLaire UK; Meek Ventures; etc


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