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Becoming a purpose-driven leader with Laura Armstrong

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and happy new week! On #TheLeadershipShow this week, our focus shall be on how you can become a purpose-driven leader in your society.

A leader is a person that leads and directs people towards achieving a common goal. As a youth in school, at work or trying to build your own business, you need to become purpose-driven to be able to achieve your dreams and make positive impacts, wherever you may be.

Being purpose-driven is a process that requires deliberate actions and guidance that enable individuals step into their greatness and be the best in their fields. Around the world, it is an established fact that leaders who are purpose-driven tend to achieve more than those who are not. Therefore, it is important for young people to learn how to become purpose-driven, as early as possible in life.

To discuss this important aspect of leadership is an international leadership accelerator and communications expert, Laura Armstrong, the Founder/CEO of Leadership With Laura, Canada.

As a leadership expert, she helps individuals develop their leadership skills by giving them the right tools and action plans that will enable them reach their full potentials and achieve extraordinary leadership success.

Again, as a 3X World Champion Martial Artist, Laura knows what it takes to get to the pinnacle of success and to create a leadership legacy that ripples out into the world, both personally and professionally.

Her experiences, over the years working in the corporate world to becoming a world championship martial artist and a communications expert equipped her with the ability to effectively teach others to heal and balance their minds and body connections and to step into their greatness.

So, do you wish to be empowered on how to connect and deepen your leadership skills? Do you want to expand your personal and professional growth? if you said “yes” to the above, then this edition of the Leadership Talk Show happening on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 by 12 noon WAT is a MUST for you!

To join us LIVE, please like our page at or subscribe to our YouTube channel at

See you on Wednesday by 12 noon WAT!

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