Amplifying your voices for social good with Melysa Aldiano

Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon and welcome to another edition of the Ugwumba Leadership Show! This week, we shall be discussing how you can amplify your voices for social good. By the way, what is social good? A social good is something that benefits the generality of the people in the largest possible way, such as: clean air, clean water, healthcare, literacy, etc.

Social good can also be the process of using social media and and social-focused communities to create a positive impact in your community or society. It can be achieved when you fill a void by using your social tools and voice to solve a problem or improve the lives of others. So, you can see your voices, our voices matter!

To share her thoughts and expertise on this matter is our next guest, all the way from Belgium, Melysa Aldiano, the Founder and CEO of Melysa Aldiano Consulting. Melysa Aldiano was born and raised in Laguna, Philippines. She attended The State University in Santa Cruz Laguna, where she studied Electronics Engineering.

In search of greener pastures in 1998, she moved to Austria and lived there for almost a decade and laid another foundation of her life. In 2006, she further moved to Belgium in fulfilment of here career vision. She prides herself as a student of life. Her diverse creative talents have always landed her into different platforms in her career. Learning and understanding diverse ethnicities, culture and languages is very close to her heart. She gets her energy through connecting with others, people that she calls life enhancers and movers.

In 2019, she quit working in the corporate world and finally decided to establish the Melysa Aldiano Consulting and founded Joy Unfiltered Movement, a non-profit community, where game-changers come together to create a global impact by celebrating authenticity, positivity and fulfillment.

Today Melysa is a celebrated author of three International Bestsellers, an Influencer, a Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader and a Coach. She has been featured in various international speaking events, interviews, webinars and media platforms. Her mission in life is to break free from imprisonment of self-sabotage and to empower others speak up unapologetically and to become game-changers in their spheres of influence.

Melysa’s mantra is “the attacks in your life have nothing to do with who you are, rather with who you will become!” She strongly believes that “a great future doesn’t require a great past” and that if you want to change your world, you need to be willing to do something different first, since it is said that “the change begins with you”.

So, on the show on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 by 12 noon WAT, Melysa will be sharing with us how to become change agents by using our voices. To join us LIVE, like our page at or subscribe to our YouTube channel at

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