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Oxygen is life: Make money, saving lives with the iOX device

#TheLeadershipShow with Gordon Morse and Lauren Kelley, Co-founders, MK Atlanta USA

Oxygen is life! This has been the truth, right from the beginning…

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our way of welcoming you back to your favorite weekly interactive and highly educative series, “The Leadership Show” powered by the Ugwumba Leadership Center.

So, next week on the Leadership Show, we shall focus our conversation on the importance of checking our blood oxygen and how the Ugwumba Leadership Center plans to use the iOX device to create jobs for women entrepreneurs in Africa.

The iOX smartphone pulse oximeter accurately and precisely measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate, respiration rate and perfusion index. It does this by combining hardware and software technologies to accommodate and automatically calibrate to individual skin tones and blood flows.

As a new invention, the device comes with new innovations. For traditional pulse oximeters, there is always a concern about their inaccurate readings as a result of differences in skin tone but the iOX’s accuracy is not affected by skin tone or low blood flow. Another advantage of the iOX device over others is that it is remote-area friendly and only needs a charged iOS or Android smartphone to operate.

Once the free app is already downloaded, a data network is not needed to use the iOX on anyone. Again, the data is stored on the individual smartphone as iOX does not have a cloud nor does it keep the individual’s data.

Oh wow, this fantastic description of the iOX cannot be complete without mentioning Yale Zhang, the Atlanta inventor and Georgia Tech alumnus who created this world’s highly affordable and accessible smartphone-powered pulse oximeter approved for medical use by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Therefore, on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, we are featuring the duo of Lauren Kelley and Gordon Morse, Co-founders of MK ATLANTA, which is the company working with Yale Zhang to ignite growth for the iOX on the Show.

To join us live on the show by 12 noon WAT, please, subscribe to our YouTube channel at or like our page at

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