Nollywood and job creation in Nigeria with Ejike Asiegbu

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Next week on the show, we shall be looking at Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, which is helping to create jobs for young people in Nigeria. Reliable statistics have shown that over a million people are currently employed in the industry, making it the country’s largest employer after agriculture.

It is believed that if the industry is properly managed, a million more jobs could be created in the sector.

As an important issue in the Nollywood industry, we have decided to bring you, one of the founding fathers of Nollywood in Nigeria, a Veteran Actor, Producer and Director. He is no other than, our own, Ejike Asiegbu, the Abia State born star, who has contributed immensely to the development of the Nigerian Motion Picture Industry.

He had his Bachelors in Arts at the University pf Port Harcourt after a brief stint at the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu.

Mr. Ejike Asiegbu has directed several films, including the award-winning “Mama Sunday” as well as acted in over one hundred Nollywood’s best home movies. He introduced and popularized the role of artistic directing in Nollywood and was featured in Nigeria’s best soaps like the New Masquerade; Bassey and Company, etc.

His career attracted several awards of excellence, such as the ATAS Merit Award in 1995; Best Actor of the Year (THEMA) in 1996; and Best Supporting Actor of the Year (THEMA) in 1997, as nominees.

Apart from his passion for the big screen, Ejike Asiegbu is a staunch advocate for human rights. He is an unrepentant advocate for good governance, constitutionalism, transparency, gender rights, participatory democracy, equal opportunity and enthronement of the rule of law. That is why he employs drama to deliver his messages on civic education and advocate against the ills in the society. His documentary drama for the Ford Foundation on the “People’s Constitution” is a testimony of his creativity.

He is a member of several professional and human rights associations, including National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP), Directors Guild of Nigeria(AGN), Electoral Reform Network (ERN) and Citizens Form for Constitutional Reform (CFCR).

In recognition of his selfless service and commitment to his profession, he was elected National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria in 2004.

Beyond the walls of entertainment industry, Ejike also was the Special Adviser to Late Chief Odimegwu Ojukwu between 1993 and 1994. Ejike has delivered several papers in both local and international conferences on Intellectual Property as it affects the creative industry in Nigeria, Mozambique, Cameroon, Ghana, Nambia and South Africa.

He was a member, Planning Committee of the Nigeria – South Africa Bi – National Commission 10 Years Anniversary Celebration and Steering Committee for the five years Action Plan. He produced and directed a one-hour documentary on “Women Participation in the Electoral Process” (INEC Perspective)

Ladies and gentlemen, our guest, Ejike Asiegbu is also the Executive Director, Project Drama Foundation and Chief Executive Officer at Forever Communications Limited.

Therefore, on the show next week, we shall be discussing how Nollywood is creating jobs in Nigeria and how the Government and other stakeholders can harness the potentials of the creative industry for job creation in Nigeria.

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