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#UgwumbaStartups: A brief about Prof. Dileep Rao

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we are excited to unveil Prof. Dileep Rao, a Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship at Florida International University as the facilitator for this week in the ongoing Ugwumba Startups Program powered by Innopower Indy USA.

He will be leading a workshop on the theme: Venture Success Without Venture Capital: Finance Secrets of Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs.

Prof Dileep was previously at the University of Minnesota. He has also taught at Stanford, INCAE (Costa Rica), and Harvard in addition to Executive MBA programs around the world. He is also a keynote speaker on how finance-smart entrepreneurs develop high-growth ventures with little or no venture capital.

He was Vice President of financing and business development and a board member at a venture development and finance institution for twenty-three years, where he financed the growth of hundreds of businesses and real estate projects.

His clients include entrepreneurs; governments, including the US government; Fortune 1000 corporations, including Medtronic and General Mills; and financial institutions, such as banks and development financial institutions in the United States.

On Thursday, May 20, 2021, he would be facilitating a workshop on the theme: Venture Success Without Venture Capital: Finance Secrets of Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs.

What to Expect:

The world is obsessed with VCs and unicorns. The workshop will distill the secrets of America’s unicorn-entrepreneurs. It will show how 94% of America’s billion-dollar and hundred-million dollar entrepreneurs financed and launched their ventures to take off without VCs.

76% of the billion-dollar entrepreneurs never used VC. 18% used it after take-off. By avoiding or delaying VC, they kept control of their ventures and more of the wealth created. In the U.S., only 100/100,000 ventures get VC and 80% of those who get VC end up failing.

Most VC successes have been in Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurs who want to succeed and cannot get VC can now have America’s most successful entrepreneurs as a guide to finance and launch their ventures – without re-inventing the wheel.

For incubators, venture capitalists and venture developers (governments), this workshop offers high-growth deals. The VC method works for 20/100,000 entrepreneurs in the U.S. And even these 20 can keep more of the wealth created by delaying VC.

This workshop is NOT the opinion of one person – expert or entrepreneur – but the skills and strategies of more than 120 of the world’s great entrepreneurs. Most venture writers promote the VC method of focusing on pitches, ideas, strategies, and VC. Billion-dollar entrepreneurs (Salesforce, LinkedIn) have mainly written books that focus on the Silicon Valley VC method. This workshop documents how billion-dollar entrepreneurs really took off, and can help entrepreneurs:

a)Finance and launch their growth venture without VC

b)Use the right mix of internal/ external financing to cut dilution and keep control

c)Finance by stage to reduce the cost of capital, to create wealth and control it.

The workshop will also expose the participants to:

i)Unicorn skills and strategies for capital productivity

ii)12 types of financing for growth ventures

iii)Stage-based financing: Pre-Aha and post-Aha

iv)Launching with finance-smart strategies to grow more with less.

These and more shall be the focus of the session this week with the over 100 Nigerian youths benefiting from the $250,000 Startups Development Program powered by our partners, InnoPower Indy USA.

Once again, we congratulate young Nigerian entrepreneurs who are beneficiaries of this important project.

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