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#UgwumbaStartups: A brief about Prof. Stephanie Fernhaber

Ladies and gentlemen, we wish to announce that the Ugwumba Startups Development Program powered by InnoPower Indy, USA is still on with amazing sessions facilitated by US based University Professors and professionals.

This week, we are happy to unveil Prof. Stephanie Fernhaber, a Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Butler University, Indiana, USA as the next facilitator who shall be teaching on “Creating Your Theory of Change”.

Stephanie is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Butler University where she teaches a variety of entrepreneurial courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels including The Entrepreneurial Mindset, First-Year Business Experience, Real Business Experience, and Social Entrepreneurship.

In addition to teaching, Stephanie conducts research in the areas of international entrepreneurship and grassroots innovation. Her research has been published in various academic journals, including the Journal of International Business Studies; Strategic Management Journal; Journal of Business Venturing; Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal and Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice. She has also co-created two books: Routledge Companion to International Entrepreneurship; and Teaching the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Engineers.

Stephanie and her husband co-own Renewing Management, which is a social impact-oriented real estate business that renovates, owns and manages apartments throughout Indiana.At the community level, Stephanie has a passion for spurring innovation with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship.

Therefore, on Thursday, May 13, 2021, Prof. Stephanie shall be facilitating a very important session on “Creating Your Theory of Change”, which is designed to help our young entrepreneurs clarify their priorities by defining their business goals and the paths to achieve them.

While it is important to measure financial performance, it is equally important to measure the impact they are creating with their businesses. In this session, she will walk them through the Theory of Change and discuss strategies to measure impact. They will wrap up with a discussion on how impact measurement allows entrepreneurs to further participate in the international conversation and marketplace.

These and more shall be the focus of the session this week with the over 100 Nigerian youths benefiting from the $250,000 Startups Development Program powered by our partners, InnoPower Indy USA.

Once again, we congratulate all the #Nigerianyouths benefiting from this important project and hope they will maximize the opportunities offered by it.

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