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Nigerian Government urged to support private foundations doing good for the country

The President of the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa, Mr Uche Nwosu has called on the government at all levels to begin to partner with private foundations which are promoting causes that are aimed at improving the lives and economic well being of the people.

Mr. Nwosu said this in Abuja, today at the World Lupus Day symposium organized at the Transcorp Hilton by the Arise Monalisa Foundation in collaboration with Marvel Matrix and their partners.

According to Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, who was one of the special guests invited to the event “the Founder of the Arise Monalisa Foundation, Monalisa Chinda Coker and her team have decided to increase awareness about this deadly autoimmune disease, which results in the immune system attacking its own healthy tissues and organs. This is a killer disease that must have been taking the lives of our people without us knowing. Efforts like these championed by private organizations should be supported by the government and other stakeholders. As an emerging disease, we need to educate our people about the symptoms before it becomes another global health emergency like the Covid-19 pandemic.”

He concluded by announcing that the Ugwumba Leadership Center, an impact investment and leadership center which he founded in 2018 shall join forces with the Arise Monalisa Foundation in putting this disease at the front burner of development discourse in the country and Africa at large.

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