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#USDP2021: A brief about Prof. Kristin Burton

Ladies and gentlemen, many thanks for following up with us on the ongoing Ugwumba Startups Development Program powered by InnoPower Indy, USA, which was officially inaugurated last week Thursday, April 22, 2021.

We are glad to announce that the classes have started in earnest. Prof Joe Albano had a wonderful time last week, introducing the young entrepreneurs from Nigeria to the Startups Ecosystem and How to Put their teams together. The feedback from this class has kept resonating…

So, this week, we present to you, the next facilitator, Prof. Kristin Burton, a Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Purdue University, Northwest. She is an entrepreneurial academic! As a professor, she trains her students to be creative, fail fast, pivot, and never stop at NO.

Prof. Kristin has over 20 years of experience in economic development, small business management, and entrepreneurship. Her research focuses on entrepreneurial intention and how perception affects women and minorities in the entrepreneurial process.

She puts her research to practice as an ecosystem builder, creating programs, and pathways to help alleviate barriers so that entrepreneurs can continue to build communities that flourish.

Prof Kristin specialties include: Innovative Business Solutions; Fundraising; Strategic Planning; Advocacy and Government Relations; Business Incubation; Diversity and Inclusion.

On Thursday, April 29, 2021, Prof. Kristin shall be facilitating a very important session on “How to Create a Market”, which is designed to expose the participants to the importance of value proposition. Generally, value is exchanged from a customer for money when a problem is solved, or when a pain is relieved by a business.

These and more will be the focus of the session this week with the over 100 Nigerian youths benefiting from this $250,000 program powered by our partners at InnoPower USA.

Unfortunately, the session is a closed one, so you cannot join if you are not a beneficiary of this scholarship program.

At Ugwumba Leadership Center, we have a mandate to raise a new generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs for Africa! For more information, visit

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