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More about our guest, Jacqueline Beaudette-Evanoff

Ladies and gentlemen, we hereby bring you more information about Jacqueline Beaudette Evanoff, our guest on the Leadership Talk Show tomorrow, Friday, March 05, 2021 by 3pm.

Jacqueline grew up in a family of inventors and the culture of science on the Central Coast of California, USA. As an early adaptor of online resources, she believes that smart phones are the “kitchen table” for start-ups and a passport to the world.

Her life mission is to turn National Security into Natural Security. She is a humanitarian technology expert and a voice for sustainable clean energy and for over 25 years, she has spearheaded the awakening for eco-sustainable efforts on a galactic scale. She has severally been recognized for her expertise in business development.

Early initiatives speak for themselves; she was the Executive Producer of the 777 Live Earth Concert for Climate Change at the Vatican and spearheaded the United Nations Global Peace Initiative in 2002.

She is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and her career in investigative journalism created a deep curiosity into the unseen spectrum. Influenced by Buckminster Fuller, a 20th Century inventor and visionary, her mantra is “do more with less.”

Making the transition from producer to the future of space technology ultimately led her to co-found Tachyon Aerospace, with a mission to revolutionize the speed of innovation and costs of space travel.

Jacqueline is responsible for strategic introductions and community building at Mars City Design, a project that is creating an eco-sustainable blueprint for humans to thrive on Mars which can lead to solutions that improve all lives on Earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think with her on the Show tomorrow, we are set to spark up new thinking among African women as the Ugwumba Leadership Center launches its maiden edition of its International Women’s Conference, which shall be celebrated annually to mark the International Women’s Day.

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