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“Think Big, Start Small” with Jacqueline Beaudette-Evanoff

Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for not being able to bring you your favorite Talk Show today. Our guest could not make it due to time zone differences and has requested to come live with us on Friday, March 05, 2021 by 3pm instead.

So, on The Leadership Show coming up on Friday, we are bringing you, Jacqueline Beaudette-Evanoff, the Co-Founder and Humanitarian Technology Specialist of Tachyon Aerospace, USA.

Our guest, Jacqueline has a successful 25 years career in media marketing. She started with the international pop star, Michael Jackson and LA Gear Tennis shoes in the early nineties. She also had an innovative investigative journalism career with Fox News and built a template developed to enhance human safety.

Most recently, Jacqueline developed, a tech brand which she sold to Producers Market, backed by the IBM Food Trust. Having seen the need for optimized systems in clean energy and local non-toxic food, Jacqueline consults for individuals in Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, Farming and Aerospace sectors with a passion for eco-sustainable materials, regenerative organic agriculture, and faster than light technologies.

Some of the current projects she is involved in can be seen at www.TachyonAerospace.Earth;;;;;,

As an entrepreneur who operates in complimentary sectors of the economy, we decided to invite Jacqueline to speak on the theme: “Think Big, Start Small” as we prepare Ugwumba women for the forthcoming International Women’s Conference, scheduled for March 08 – 10, 2021.

This conversation with her is a prelude to the Women’s Conference, which is designed to teach African women how to become influential, in every aspects of their lives.

Therefore, to join this conversation live on Friday, March 05, 2021 by 3pm Nigerian time, please, visit www.bit/ly/ugwumbachannel to subscribe to our channel for FREE.

To join all the ongoing conversations on our social, use these hashtags: #IWD2021, #UgwumbaLeadershipCenter, #UgwumbaWomenAcademy, #UgwumbaWomenConference, #NigeriaWomen, #AfricanWomen

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