Design Thinking for Innovation with Engr. Priscilla Okechukwu

Many thanks to Architect Ochudo Ayi for sustaining the tempo in the ongoing #UEC2020 boot camp.

Ladies and gentlemen, permit us to introduce the next facilitator that will take our #UgwumbaFellows on the rudiments of Design Thinking.

How do you innovate your products and or services to meet the needs of your customers? How do you give your business a competitive advantage over other companies providing same services? These and more are what you should expect tomorrow at the boot camp…

Our facilitator for this important course is Engr Priscilla Okechukwu, a Tech-entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur, an ICT Consultant , a Systems Engineer, a result oriented business coach, a motivational speaker and a mentor with expertise in Capacity Building, Design Thinking and Website development.

She empowers women and youth with the use of ICT and digital tools and also mentors startup entrepreneurs by teaching them how to build powerful personal brands and how to bring their ideas to realities.

She is a master trainer in design thinking and will sure provoke your thinking faculties during the session tomorrow, Thursday, November 05, 2020 by 12 noon.

Unfortunately, this class is for only those admitted into the ongoing UEC 2020 Online Boot Camp. If you’re outside the room, so sorry, please…

#UgwumbaLeadershipCenter is raising a new generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs for Africa through the #UgwumbaEnterpriseChallenge

#GodBlessNigeria, #UgwumbaCares, #UEC2020

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