The Leadership Show with President Donald Ramotar

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, happy Nigeria@60 Independence Anniversary!

In commemoration of this landmark celebration, we went as far as South America to bring to you a former President on The Leadership Show, next week and guess what?

His Excellency, President Donald Rabindranauth Ramotar, the former President of Guyana shall be our guest and will be discussing on the theme: “Youth Development and Good Governance.”

President Donald Ramotar was born on October 22, 1950 and became the 8th President of Guyana in South America under the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) from December, 2011 to May, 2015.

As the Chief Executive of Guyana, he impacted on the lives of his people in several ways. It was during his reign that his country’s educational system got an international recognition.

That feat was achieved as a result of his commitment and passion to improve the education sector which were captured in his words, below: “If we give our children an early start, we give them an advantage to get along in their own personal lives and it is an investment in our country’s future as we know they will be the driving force for development in the future.”

Other sectors of the economy in Guayana, including Aviation, Public Service and the Private sector received several positive reforms that boosted the country’s economic activities.

Therefore, our discussion with President Donald shall center on the connecting link between good governance and development with emphasis on youth development.

That would be our first time of featuring a former President of a country on the Show. Therefore, it is going to be a learning opportunity for all of us, as he would be sharing with us some of his remarkable experiences and achievements in office as the Number One Citizen of his country between December, 2011 and May, 2015.

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