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Opportunities for youths in the development sector

Woow, the discussion with Uloma Ogba, the CEO of Launch Africa yesterday on #TheLeadershipShow was an eye opener for thousands of young people who joined us live on the Ugwumba Channels!

Young people from Africa who are interested in building careers in the development sector and want to work in international agencies like the United Nations, USAID, etc must become professionals in their chosen fields.

Unfortunately, the employability and soft skills required for placement in such organizations are not acquired in our universities. That is why our youths should build themselves up through Personal Development and begin to volunteer for community groups, NGOs, etc to improve the workplace skills.

These are some of the takeaways from the highly educative discussion yesterday with our guest, Uloma Ogba. If you missed it, please, click now to watch…

At #UgwumbaLeadershipCenter, we are committed to raising a new generation of young leaders and business Chief Executives for the African continent!

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